U-Reach UB300 Carry Mini Dupe 1:2 Port

U-Reach UB300 Carry Mini Dupe 1:2 Port

Product Code : U-UB300


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Carry mini Flash dupe is a portable, stand alone, high speed and convenient equipment for easily copy data anytime and quickly check Flash device's quality. The checking capability assists you to find out defective Flash device efficiently, like Capacity Check enables you to find out the real capacity of Flash device; Measure Speed helps you to check each Flash device's read and write speed.

Besides, UB300 needs no PC support or any installation procedure, when the system is turned off, nothing will be left in it, so there is no risk of virus infection. And instant power on and off for quick boot up and shut down the duplicator can save your time greatly. Its lightweight design, friendly interface and easy operation are ideal for personal, office and shops application.

UB300 Features

  • Quick checking function to find out defective Flash device easily.
  • Smarts data only copy can save you a lot of time.
  • High copy performance supports up to 33MB per second.
  • Standalone, no PC required, without risk of virus infection.
  • Lightweight design and user friendly with instant power on and off.
  • Supports multiple flash media: it enables you to copy multiple flash media of SD, MS or CF etc. through qualified USB interface card reader.