MF Digital Print Station with Picojet Printer

MF Digital Print Station with Picojet Printer

Product Code : DP-9602PSJ


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Optimizing the Art of Disc Printing

Automated, Reliable, Affordable

The Scribe 9000 PS Print Stations are designed to increase printing throughput while reducing the need of human intervention.

Engineered to perfection, Scribe Print Stations offer 300 to 600 disc input capacity.

The KVM PC Built-In solution means Scribe Systems are pre-configured which results in easy setup without error. Utilizing Click–N-Print technology, you add Keyboard, Video and Mouse and begin printing immediately.

Unlike any other system, Scribe Print Stations are flexible by design. Choose between inkjet, thermal or dye-sublimation as your printer technology.

MF Digital’s unique Snap-N-Go printer alignment also means swapping printers is literally a snap; giving you an arsenal of options.

Let our print stations do more for you; experience the future with MF Digital.

Advanced Print Features
The Scribe 9000 PS print stations offer more versatility and flexibility than any other system on the market. Not limited to .prn print files, Scribe 9000 allows direct print from .std and .pdf files as well*. Graphic import is done by a simple touch of a button allowing MF Digital to offer unique solutions unparalleled in the industry.

Special Print Functions
Scribe professional grade print stations are surprisingly easy to operate with unlimited job queuing, detailed activity logs and database exporting ability.
Add to this our unique label production and serialization routine and you have the most advanced Automatic Print Stations available today.

Network Ready
Every Scribe System comes with license free Windows XP client software. Never before has it been this seamless to submit print jobs from a remote workstation or check status of previous and active jobs from a separate computer.

Flexible Print Configurations
MF Digital print stations are designed to fit the largest variety of disc printers.

For vibrant, full color printing we offer the PicoJet inkjet printer, for quick disc printing speed we offer the Prism thermal printer, and for photo realistic images which yield better resolution than silkscreen we offer the P55 dye sublimation printer.


Model Number 9602-PSJ
Disc Capacity 300
PC Built-IN Operation Yes
Auto Loading System Yes
Windows XP Networking Client Yes
Printer Options Inkjet
80mm & Biz Card Compatible Yes
MF Digital Software Yes
Surething Software yes
Power Consumption 200-248 watts
Dimensions (W x H x D) 22'' x 20'' x 20''
Weight (lbs / kg) ** 54lbs / 25kg

* STD file support not available for Prism Printer.
** Weight does not include printers