Dongle with 30 Copy Protection Licenses for Vinpower

Dongle with 30 Copy Protection Licenses for Vinpower

Product Code : VP-DC-30


A USB Dongle with multiple licenses of Copy Protection for Vinpower-brand CD/DVD duplicators.

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Other options: with 15, 50 and 100 Copy Protection Licenses.

The unique Copy Protection Software (CPS) can embed a proprietary copy protection encryption into any DVD video master through a PC which can then be transferred onto the Vinpower duplicator to produce as many copy protected reproductions as the user needs.  Since CPS is software based as opposed to hardware based, there are no issues with compatibility with players like similar models on the market. In addition, CPS protects against both duplication and ripping for a double dose of protection whereas similar applications from competitors cannot block ripping. 
Uses 1 License per each DVD Video Master disc. Unlimited copies can be made from each master.