NexCopy USB200PRO - USB CDROM Read Only Duplicator

NexCopy USB200PRO - USB CDROM Read Only Duplicator

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Nexcopy USB200PRO - USB CD-ROM and USB Read Only Duplicator

Nexcopy introduces the Professional Series USB Duplicator with CD-ROM, Read Only and Partition features for advanced USB data loading requirements: the USB200PRO USB Duplicator. With advanced copy features, small foot print and simple operation, the USB200PRO USB Duplicator is an economical solution for creating CD-ROM and Read Only USB flash drives.

The USB200PRO USB Duplicator allows for on-site USB CD-ROM and USB Read Only creation and data loading.  The USB200PRO includes the ability to control hard coded USB serial numbers and create USB drives with multiple partitions.  The USB200PRO does require specific USB media and these functions cannot be performed on “just any flash drive.”

The USB200PRO USB Duplicator includes all the features of the USB200PC USB Duplicator in addition the USB200PRO has the ability for USB CDROM creation and USB Read Only [USB Write Protection] creation.  To learn more about the USB200PRO and required USB media, please contact Nexcopy.

USB Duplicator Advanced Features

» Create USB Read Only Partitions
» Create USB CDROM partitions [4GB ISO limit*]
» Write Protect 1st partition, 2nd partition or both
» Make USB Read Only so data cannot be deleted
» Control hard coded USB serial numbers
» Serial number includes 10 character prefix option
» Sequential serial number control
» Create USB specific IMG files
» Write Protect bootable USB partitions
» Nexcopy certified USB media is required

USB Duplicator Key Features

» Partition 20 USB flash drives automatically
» High Speed USB 2.0
» User friendly software interface
» Reset USB device without partitions
» Volume naming option for flash drive ID
» Supports FAT and FAT32
» Contemporary design with heavy duty case for 24/7 operation

Why is the USB200PRO a cost benefit to your company?

Consider the following:

Security. It’s the number 1 issue with companies today. With the USB200PRO users can data lock their intellectual property to a USB CDROM or USB Read Only partition so the content cannot be deleted or formatted off the drive.

Audit.  With the USB200PRO users have control of the device serial number.  This is a hard coded serial number that cannot be changed or manipulated and ideal for software distribution via USB flash drives.

USB Autorun.  With the USB200PRO users can take full advantage of the CDROM autorun functions.  This gives the USB publisher additional abilities to launch software installation packages, run presentations and executables with limited user intervention.

USB200PC USB Duplicator Specifications

» Copies to 20 flash devices
» Operating Environment: PC Based
» Copies all Audio / Video / Data
» Power: Auto detects 120 / 240
» USB Technology: USB 2.0, compatible with 1.0
» Flash Drive Accommodation: Max 42mm Width x 12mm Height
» Weight 6.8 lbs / 3.08 kg
» Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 220 x 200 x 130

USB200PC USB Duplicator PC System Requirements

» 2.0GHz Processor or 1.8GHz Dual Core Processor or better
» 1GB RAM or 2GB for optimal performance
» Windows XP SP2
» 2 USB 2.0 high speed port
» Windows .NET Frameworks (Provided)

*4GB ISO limit is currently being updated to support larger file size.
*Product specifications can change without notice.