Director 2600 4 Drive Blu-ray Publisher with PicoJet Printer

Director 2600 4 Drive Blu-ray Publisher with PicoJet Printer

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* Now with Windows 7 Pro

MF Digital Director PRO 2600 4 Drive Blu-ray Publisher with PicoJet Printer

The Blu-ray Duplicators, Copiers and Publishers from MF Digital are unsurpassed in quality and performance. MF Digital ushers in the next generation of equipment duplication and publishing with support for Blu-ray technology.  Using the highest quality Pioneer Blu Ray burners, you can now find the new technology in three MF Digital models including the Scribe, Director and 5000 Blu-ray Series Systems.

The Blu-ray drive from Pioneer was designed for authoring houses to pre-master Blu-ray discs for replication; however, it is also suited for professional users and advanced storage needs from high definition broadcast and video content. as well as game disc storage.

Director Series Blu-ray Publisher  for Unique One-Offs

Unique One-Off Publishing for on Demand Blu-ray publishing and printing.

The Director Blu-ray Publisher Series offers affordable automated systems for unique Blu-ray disc on demand applications. 

Ideal for large data storage needs in One-Off Blu-ray disc applications, the MF Digital Blu-ray Publisher is available in 2 and 4 drive configurations with support for inkjet, thermal and dye-sublimation printing.

The Director Series Blu-ray Publisher uses all the software interface features of our traditional Director Series but with enhanced support for Blu-ray technology.

Director 2000 Series Advanced Windows  7 Network Based  DVD CD Publisher Equipment  for Creating Unique One Off  Discs with Text Based API.

Highest Performance Production System
On Demand, Mission Critical, Affordable

MF Digital’s highest throughput, highest performance production solution is the Director Series. Get the power to burn discs-on-demand to seamlessly connect your users with a centralized CD/DVD production station.

The Director is ideal for disc publishing applications such as medical, banking and finance where mission critical equipment is required to deliver on-demand results. With detailed job logs and database export features MF Digital gives you the control for a lights-out publishing system while providing tools to conduct complete audit trails.

Unlike any other solution, the Director Series is the industries lowest cost-perprint publishing system with the greatest amount of flexibility in configuration options.

Let our publisher do more for you; experience the future with MF Digital.

Ideal for On Demand Disc Duplicating
The Director Series is ideal for burning unique discs on demand. Capable of processing up to four individual discs simultaneously the Director is extremely efficient. Never before has a disc publishing system been this advanced. For example, Director uses a unique “spindle select” technology so both CD and DVD recordable media can be present - ready for any job sent to the system.

Exclusive API Technology
The included API toolkit allows the Director Series to be easily and seamlessly integrated into an existing custom application. Integrate your new system into a pre-existing software solution within hours not weeks.

Network Ready
Never before has it been this easy to launch a network wide disc publishing system. Every Director System comes with license free Windows 7 client software. This client software gives network users the ability to make one-off unique discs or submit jobs for 100’s of copies, all simultaneously.

Print Options for Your Exact Needs
MF Digital offers a verity of disc printing solutions for your disc publisher. For economical, full color printing we over the PicoJet inkjet printer, for quick disc printing speed we offer the Prism thermal printer and for photo realistic images which yield better resolution then silk-screen we offer the
P55 dye-sublimation printer.

Director PRO 4 Drive Publisher
Turn-key, fully integrated PC built-IN for unique disc creation and unique labeling.

Model: BR6-2604J
System: Fully configured PC with flat screen monitor
Software: Advanced Text Based API for custom integration
Design: System engineered for 24/7 operation
Networking: License free Microsoft 7 network client software

CD-R / DVD-R Publisher Duplication System Specs

2604:  4-drive model CD-R / DVD-R Compatible

Disc Spindle Capacity:
300 Capacity with Inkjet Printer

PC Based CD-R / DVD-R Duplication (full configured external PC included)

Printer Compatibility:
Inkjet Printers (Hotswap)

Business Card CDR Compatible
500GB or 1TB Hard Drive
2nd & 3rd Year Extended Warranty

28"W x 28"H x 22"D

48lbs / 21.7kg

Drive Interface:

CD-R / DVD-R Duplication Formats
DVD-Video (Unprotected) (DVD models only)
ISO / UDF Bridge (DVD-R Duplication models only)
CD-ROM Mode 1
CD Enhanced / Extra
Mixed Mode
Video CD
CD-ROM XA Mode 2
ISO 9660
CD-I (Form 1 & Form 2)
Rockridge / UFS
CD-DA (CD Digital Audio) w/ISRC Subindex
(CD-R Duplication Only) & UPC code support Hybrid