Scribe 9600 4 Drive Blu-ray Duplicator with PicoJet Printer

Scribe 9600 4 Drive Blu-ray Duplicator with PicoJet Printer

Product Code : BR6-9604J

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Blu-ray Duplicator MF Digital Scribe
Scribe 9600 4 Drive Blu-ray Duplicator with PicoJet Printer 

*Now with Windows 7 Pro

The Blu-ray Duplicators, Copiers and Publishers from MF Digital are unsurpassed in quality and performance. MF Digital ushers in the next generation of equipment duplication and publishing with support for Blu-ray technology.  Using the highest quality Pioneer Blu Ray burners, you can now find the new technology in three MF Digital models including the Scribe, Director and 5000 Blu-ray Series Systems.

The Blu-ray drive from Pioneer was designed for authoring houses to pre-master Blu-ray discs for replication; however, it is also suited for professional users and advanced storage needs from high definition broadcast and video content. as well as game disc storage.

Scribe Blu-ray Series has PC Built-IN for Turn-Key Setup

The Scribe PC Built In "KVM" Blu-ray Duplicators provide Stand-Alone ready to run automated systems for Blu-ray duplicating and printing in a flexible and affordable footprint. You simply add Keyboard, Video monitor, and Mouse.

Blu-ray enables disc burning of up to 25GBs of DVD Storage for high definition video or large data storage needs.  The Scribe Series may be configured with print technologies including the PicoJet inkjet printer, Prism Thermal printer or Dye-Sublimation P55 printer.

The Scribe Series Blu-ray Duplicator uses all the software interface features of our traditional Scribe Series but with enhanced support for Blu-ray technology.

Raising the Bar for Disc Duplicating

Durable, Reliable, Affordable

The Scribe 9000 Series is a feature rich disc duplicating & printing system. Easy to use, simple to set-up with snap-n-go printing options, the Scribe Series is an all new CD/DVD production system.

Engineered to perfection, Scribe uses a 300 disc input which is three times greater than its closest competitor. The KVM PC built-in solution means each Scribe System is pre-configured which results in easy setup without error - simply connect Keyboard, Video and Mouse and begin duplicating & printing.

These advanced features make MF Digital an industry leader in Disc Dupplication. From the moment you open the box to the last disc of the day, you can count on Scribe.

Let our duplicator do more for you; experience the future with MF Digital.

Ready To Go!! PC Built-IN
Scribe 9000 offers more versatility and flexibility than any other desktop duplicator on the market. Based off the pre-configured, built-in PC, the Scribe System simply needs a keyboard, video and mouse and then its ready to duplicate. This KVM approach allows MF Digital to offer unique solutions unparalleled in the industry.

Lights Out Production
The Scribe 9000 professional grade duplicator is surprisingly easy to operate with unlimited job queuing, detailed activity logs and database exporting ability. You have the comfort of knowing every job is submitted, recorded and processed with 100% accuracy – Truly lights out production.

Network Ready
Every Scribe System comes with license free Windows 7 client software. Never before has it been this economical to centralize disc duplicating. Scribe uses advanced “spindle select” technology so both CD and DVD recordable media can be present - ready for any job sent from the network.

Printing for Any Occasion
MF Digital offers a variety of disc printing solutions fit for any need. For economical, full color printing we offer the PicoJet inkjet printer, for quick disc printing speed we offer the Prism thermal printer, and for photo realistic images which yield better resolution than silk-screen we offer the P55 dye-sublimation printer.


Model Number & Disc Capacity BR6-9604J   300
Drive Configurations 4
PC Built-In Operation Yes
Auto Loading System Yes
Windows XP Network Client Yes
Printer Options Inkjet
80mm & Biz Card Compatible Yes
MF Digital Software Yes
Surething Software Yes
Power Consumption 200-248 Watts
Dimensions (W x H x D) 22” x 22” x 16”
Weight** (lbs / kg) 38lbs / 18kg