MF Digital DS4-9602D Scribe PC CD DVD Duplicator 2-Drive with Teac P55

MF Digital DS4-9602D Scribe PC CD DVD Duplicator 2-Drive with Teac P55

Product Code : DS4-9602D

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* Sony Optiarc 7280 drives

* 1 Gigabit LAN cards onboard

Scribe PC 9000 Series
PC-Based KVM
CD / DVD Duplicator
& In-Line Print System Featuring "Flex Cell" Technology

Scribe PC 9000 Series Duplicator System Overview:

The Scribe "KVM" PC Series are powerful DVD and CD duplicator solutions providing a full line of configurable desktop disc duplication and printing systems in a PC-based design. The Scribe PC Series provides unsurpassed performance and reliability; manufactured as an industrial automation duplicator, the Scribe PC Series from MF Digital provides outstanding value for the investment.

Scribe PC 9000 Advanced Hardware Features:

KVM system with PC built inside. Simply connect Keyboard, Video Monitor, and Mouse.
High-End Quality Mission-critical, hi-speed, 24/7 loader mechanism for lights-out operation and heavy-use applications.
Network Ready 10/100 Ethernet connection standard, 1Gigabit card upgrade available. License-Free Client software included.
Advanced Movement Asynchronous duplication and printing allow separate drives and printer to work independently.
Spindle Select System automatically selects CD or DVD media for uninterrupted production.
Flexible Configurations Spindle capacity at 300. Configure in-line printing with Inkjet Thermal or Thermal Transfer printers.

Scribe PC 9000 Advanced Software Features:

Software Modules Optional software modules for automatic audio CD ripping to MP3, WMA, WAV and Hard Disk or LAN back-up.
Advanced Imaging Pre-build disc image which pre-stages next job. Localize disc image to duplicator as not to burn over network.
Data Ripping Extract disc content from original file and folder structure
to hard disk.
Printer File Support Flexible print file support. Print from SureThing .STD files, Adobe .PDF files, and .PRN print files.
Print Customized Labels Print unique, serialized labels or custom prints through powerful labeling software.
Complete Job Log Duplicator records activity in .CSV file for analysis of equipment activity, media consumption, and more.
Flex Cell Technology Control multiple one-to-four independent duplicator "cells" from a single KVM workstation.

Scribe PC 9000 Series Product Description:

With MF Digital's automated PC-based CD / DVD Duplicators, simply connect a Keyboard, video, and mouse and you are now ready to enjoy the full power of a Microsoft XP-based duplication system which can be accessed from any desktop PC. MF Digital provides our exclusive and license-free client software for remote job submission, control of multiple duplicators, and job status display.

The Scribe PC-based line provides professional-grade automated CD / DVD duplicators with printing in one flexible and affordable footprint. A disc capacity at 300 discs enhances the production capability of the Scribe PC DVD / CD Duplicators. Standard features like an image archiver to automatically master all your discs, and our SDK (Software Developers Kit) to develop your unique application, set Scribe PC apart from ordinary PC-based duplicators.

Scribe PC 9000 Series Configuration Options:

MF Digital provides configuration options to enhance the performance of your Scribe PC-based Duplicator. Configuration options include:

  • Hard drive & network card upgrades available.
  • Adapter kits for smaller media types available.
  • 2nd and 3rd-year extended warranties available.