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Nexcopy Standalone USB Duplicators - USB115SA

The Nexcopy Standalone USB Duplicator systems are very fast File Copy duplicators which maintain copy speeds in excess of 1800MBs per minute. If your requirement is fast copy jobs then the USB115SA or USB131SA are the duplicators for you.
BRAND: Nexcopy
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Nexcopy Standalone USB Duplicators also available in USB131SA.

USB Duplicator Standalone 115SA

Standalone USB Duplicator 1-15 Target

Nexcopy manufacturers performance driven standalone USB duplicators which are second to none. With lightening fast transfer speeds and simple one-button operation, the USB115SA is unparalleled in price, performance and aesthetics.

The USB115SA standalone USB duplicator is compact in design, ergonomically friendly and very easy to use. Don’t let the good looks fool you, the USB115SA is a power house duplicator with peak transfer speeds over 1800MBs per minute*, per port.

The USB115SA is a 16 target device with one Master USB port and 15 target USB ports. The system is loaded with features which include asynchronous USB duplication for masters up to 256MBs in size and intelligent copy function to only duplicate the content of a master device.

The Nexcopy standalone USB duplicator will automatically begin duplication upon connection of all ports, or immediately begin single device copies when the master is less than 256MBs. The asynchronous feature will keep any duplicator production station busy for hours with uninterrupted work flow.

Standalone USB Duplicator Key Features

» Standalone duplicator, no PC or software required
» 1 Master, 15 Target configuration
» Over 1800MBs per minute copy speed to each port*
» Asynchronous duplication for masters up to 256MBs
» Real time performance feedback & status on LCD
» USB sticks are immediately enumerated and ready
» Copy, Copy & Verify, Erase and Format functions
» Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Linux (Ext 2, Ext 3)
» Auto start once unit is fully populated
» Contemporary design with heavy duty case for 24/7 operation

Standalone USB Duplicator Utility Features

» Bit for bit copy, includes Boot code
» Powerful 32‐bit CRC data error checking
» USB information & capacity check
» Format: Quick FAT, Full FAT and FAT32
» Quick erase or Full erase [does not reset FAT]
» USB Benchmark Read and Write speed testing
» Memory Check - USB NAND memory integrity check

Why is the USB115SA standalone USB duplicator a cost benefit to your company?

Consider the following:

Performance. The Nexcopy standalone USB duplicators are performance driven. With ultra fast copy speeds which surpass USB 3.0 technology, the Nexcopy systems are cost-effective solutions which allow you to get more done in less time.

Ease-of-Use. Not only is the USB115SA a beautiful product, it is ergonomically designed and inviting to use. Non-technical personnel can power On up the system and begin duplicating in under 20 seconds. With immediate ID of USB devices, auto-start duplication and asynchronous copy abilities this single button duplicator is a dream to operate.

Durability. The USB115SA is like all other Nexcopy products, well designed, durable and made for 24/7 operation. The sturdy aluminum body, large LCD display and “nice feel” tactile buttons make it a pleasure to run duplication jobs. The standalone USB duplicator does not require cool-down periods and will duplicate non-stop and without fail for all your production needs.

USB115SA Standalone USB Duplicator Specifications

» Copies to 15 flash devices
» Buffer memory of 256MBs
» LCD Display 2 x 20 Characters, Backlit
» Operating Environment: Standalone
» Copies all Audio / Video / Data

USB115SA Standalone USB Duplicator Operation Requirements

» Power: Manual switching for 120 / 230
» Weight 6.2 lbs / 2.8 kg
» Operating Temp: 41F ~ 122F
» Operating Humidity: 15% ~ 85%
» Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 317 x 184 x 184

*Maximum copy speed of 33MB/s. Note: Copy speed is directly related to speed of device.
*Product specifications can change without notice.

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