Dobot Magician 4-Axis Robotic Arm, Education Package

A truly cutting-edge robotic arm—it can 3D print, manipulate objects, write and draw. It has a graphical programming environment, multipletool heads, and the capability to work with the Arduino platform. It's a robot for your creativity and desire to develop.
BRAND: Dobot
SKU: 3D-AF-29516
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    All-in-One Robot Education

    A truly cutting-edge robotic arm—it can manipulate objects, 3D print, write and draw. It has a graphical programming environment, multiple tool heads, and the capability to work with the Arduino platform. It’s a robot for your creativity and desire to develop. With Dobot’s exclusive tutorials and lessons, the Magician is the ideal way to learn about robotic arms, hardware development, coding and automation.

    Best multi-functional robotic arm

    The advantages of high precision (0.2mm) and switchable tool heads allow for many uses: 3D printing, pick and place, write and draw, and more. Combining them brings out even more fun, learning, and creativity through unlimited possibilities. Also, Dobot Magician is the first consumer-grade robotic arm that can 3D print.

    Cross-subject learning tool

    Dobot Magician is an integration of programming, mechanics, electronics, and automation. It’s a great STEAM teaching device that strengthens knowledge across multiple subjects, through a high precision and user-friendly UI, enjoyable functions, and unlimited developing possibilities. Dobot Magician’s immersive and explorative experience increases interest in science and technology.

    Graphical programming environment

    Dobot Magician has the most multi-functional robotic arm user interface on the market. In addition to scripting (Python), it also has a graphical programming environment, where you can write codes by simply piling up blocks!

    Highly extendable — Makers’ first choice

    A standardized end effector port allows you to use and create all kinds of head tools. 13 extension ports cover digital/analog I/O, power source, motor and serial port communication, and API access along communication protocols. With our official developer tutorial, you can DIY your own sensor-based accessories, creating more smart ways to use a robotic arm.

    Bringing robotic arms to all desktops

    Dobot is a leading robot arm solution provider. Established in July 2015, Dobot has developed three robotic arm products, targeting both consumer and industrial uses.

    Included Accessories

    • Dobot Magician Robotic Arm
    • Power Supply
    • USB Cable
    • WIFI Module
    • Bluetooth Module
    • Joystick Control Kit
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Endeffectors
      • Suction Cup with Rotation Motor
      • Pneumatic Gripper
      • Pen and Holder for Writing / Drawing
      • 3D Printing Kit with Glass Plate, Masking Tape, Filament Motor, Filament


    Number of Axes: 4 Payload: 500g [1.1lbs]
    Max. Reach: 320 mm Position Repeatability (Control): 0.2 mm
    Communication: USB / WIFI / Bluetooth Power Supply: 100-240v, 50/60 Hz
    Power In: 12V / 7A DC Consumption: 60W Max
    Working Temperature -10°C - 60°C

    Axis Movement

    (250g WORKLOAD)
    Joint 1 base -90° to +90°  320 °/s
    Joint 2 rear arm 0° to +85° 320°/s
    Joint 3 forearm -10° to +95° 320°/s
    Joint 4 rotation servo  -90° to +90° 480°/s


    Net Weight 4 kg [8.8lbs]
    Base Dimension (Footprint) 158 x 158 mm [6.2" x 6.2"]
    Material Aluminum Alloy 6061, ABS Engineering Plastic
    Controller Dobot Integrated Controller
    Robot Mounting Desktop
    Packing Size (LxWxH) 307 x 224 x 330 mm [12.1" x 8.8" x 13.0"]


    Software DobotStudio, Repetier Host, GrblController 3.6,
    Dobot Blockly (Visual Programming Editor)
    (Software Development Kit)
    Communication Protocol, Dobot Program LIbrary
    Extensible I/O Interfaces 1) I/O x 10 (Configurable as Analog Input or PWM Output)
    2) Controllable 12V Power output x 4
    3) Communication Interface UART, Reset, STOP, 12V, 5V and two I/O included
    4) Stepper x 2


    3D Printer Kit Print Size (LxWxH): 150 x 150 x 150 mm [5.9" x 5.9" x 5.9"]
    Material: PLA
    Resolution: 0.1 mm
    Pen Holder Pen Diameter:  10 mm [0.4"]
    Vacuum Suction Cup Cup Diameter:  20 mm [2.0"]
    Pressure: -35 Kpa
    Gripper Range: 27.5 mm [1.1"]
    Drive Type: Pneumatic
    Force: 8 N


    Additional Info
    UPC/EAN No
    Weight 17.0000
    Country of Manufacture China

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