CraftBot 2 3D Printer

CraftBot 2 3D Printer

3D Hub' 2016 BEST BUDGET 3D Printer.
  • Prints with 1.75mm PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG and other filaments.
  • Temperature Control for both the extruder and build-platform.
  • Large Build Volume of 10” x 8” x 8” (250 x 200 x 200 mm).
  • WiFi and USB Connectivity.

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    The CraftBot 2 desktop 3D printer has the professional features and ease of use of the award-winning CraftBot Plus, with the added convenience of of wireless connectivity and print resume, as well as improved cable structure for increased durability.  Even with these enhanced features, the CraftBot 2 is still budget-friendly, especially when compared to printers with comparable build volume and features.  This makes the CraftBot 2 an ideal 3D printing solution for students, teachers, and others in school classrooms and other educational environments, as well as designers and engineers.


    • WiFi connectivity - Wireless control to start and stop the printing process and adjust the heat settings, the fans and the light with the CraftBot 2 application (Android and iOS)
    • Print resume - If a 3D print project is interrupted due to a power failure, CraftBot 2 will continue the print once power is restored
    • Printing accuracy - With layer resolution as fine as 100 microns, CraftBot 2 produces very high  quality 3D prints.
    • Large build volume - At 10” x 8” x 8” (250 x 200 x 200 mm), CraftBot 2 has an impressive build volume
    • Color LCD touchscreen - CraftBot 2 has an intuitive, well-organized navigation menu giving constant information on the printing process.
    • Constant control - Users can alter printing parameters any time by the touchscreen – even during the printing process!
    • Heated build platform - Heating prevents warping and sticking, and allows the CraftBot 2 to print with a variety of materials, like PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG and others.
    • Removable print surface - Easy to clean, and helps to keep the platform properly calibrated.
    • USB connection- Connect and control printing directly by connecting your CraftBot 2 3D printer to your PC via USB cable.
    • Direct USB drive connection - Easily upload your sliced 3D model to CraftBot 2’s memory from a USB flash drive. CraftBot 2 includes a USB drive loaded with samples files, so you can immediately test your printer
    • CraftWare - CraftBot's universal, advanced 3D printer software with a user-friendly graphical interface. Its advanced slicing algorithm ensures faster conversions and better results.
    • Customer service and support - Backed by Octave Systems and CraftBot, we have in-depth knowledge of the printer and are always happy to help you.



    Printing technology:

    Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

    Build volume:

    10” x 8” x 8” (250 x 200 x 200 mm)

    Layer resolution:

    100 micron (ultra)
    200 micron (high)
    300 micron (medium)

    Position precision:

    X,Y: 4 micron
    Z: 2 micron

    Filament diameter:

    1.75 mm

    Nozzle diameter:

    0.4 mm

    Print speed:

    50-200 mm/s


    Software package:


    File types:



    Windows 7 and above


    Ambient temperature:

    15-32 °C

    Storage temperature:

    0-32 °C

    Operating nozzle temperature:

    180-260 °C

    Operating heated build plate temperature:



    Frame dimensions:

    X: 40 cm (15.7")
    Y: 36 cm (14.2")
    Z: 37 cm (14.6")

    With all parts attached:

    X: 40 cm (15.7")
    Y: 46 cm (18.1")
    Z: 45 cm (17.7")

    Shipping box:

    X: 49 cm (19.3")
    Y: 48 cm (18.9")
    Z: 45 cm (17.7")


    14 kg (31lb)

    Shipping weight:

    17 kg (38lb)



    The Company (CraftUnique Ltd) warrants that the Product shall conform in all respects with its Product Description for the period of 12 month from the physical transfer to the Consumer, or for the term in excess of 12 months complying with relevant applicable national rules of the Consumer’s domicile, but no longer than 24 months (hereinafter referred to as: “commercial guarantee”).

    Company grants 12 months of supplementary guarantee in excess of the term of the mandatory commercial guarantee (in principle 12 months). During the period of the supplementary guarantee the guarantee period of the equipment (and its accessories) shall neither restart, nor be lengthened by the term of the repairment, regardless of the manner of the repairment. Provided that the relevant applicable national rules of the Consumer’s domicile indicate mandatory commercial guarantee exceeding 12 months, then the term of supplementary guarantee shall be accordingly reduced with the amount of time of the mandatory commercial guarantee exceeding 12 months.

    The guarantee period (considering both the mandatory commercial guarantee and the supplementary guarantee) of the accessories and components of the equipment shall be as follows. The guarantee is restricted to 1000 hours of usage per one year with regards to the wearing parts, in particular bearings, hotend, nozzle, belt and extruder gear. The usage extending 1000 hours per 12 months shall be considered as non-proper usage, therefore these cases shall not be covered by the guarantee duty of the Company.

    Guarantee period shall start on the day of the physical transfer of the Product to the Consumer, or on the day of instalment, if contractor or its agent shall be obliged to install the equipment.

    The Consumer shall have the option to enforce his or her warranty rights against the Company or the Point of Purchase.

    The guarantee shall not affect the warranty rights of the Consumer.

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