About Octave Systems Inc.

Octave Systems is considered one of the leading suppliers in the 3D printing industry. Octave Systems prides itself in offering exceptional customer support, something it developed while a major online supplier of optical media equipment and accessories over a decade ago.

Octave Systems Inc. - About us

Before moving into the 3D printer market, Octave Systems was one of the major online suppliers of duplication equipment. With the decline of the optical media industry, Octave moved into the emerging Personal 3D printer market. The emphasis being on Personal 3D printing, since 3D printing has been around for quite a while, but its cost was prohibitive for small and medium sized companies, and certainly well outside the means of the hobbyist or home user. More recently however, the technology has come to the desktop and in an explosive manner.

Octave Systems has been involved from the start of this new era, and in fact were instrumental in establishing the UP 3D printer in the U.S. The UP has subsequently been re-branded into what is now the Afinia and sold only in the US under that brand. Octave Systems President, Roy Worthington, who had tested many 3D printers in the beginning, saw how good a printer the UP was from early on, and recognised the potential it had to make an impact on the market, so began the process of acquiring FCC approval. Unfortunately, Octave Systems had neither the network to market the product, nor the manpower to be able to provide the support required, and so approached an ally from the optical media industry, Microboards Technology, who eventually took over the reins.

Since then, there has been many a new personal 3D printer to hit the market, and Octave Systems continues its search for the best 3D printers, which must not only be technologically superior, but also provide equally excellent support (after all, a product is only as good as its support). The Afinia continues to be a top printer, but more recently another contender, the Zortrax M200 3D printer, has caught Octave's attention. The Zortrax M200 has produced some of the best prints the personal 3D printer industry has seen.

However, 3D printers is only one part of this technology. As it did with 3D printers, so too with 3D printing filament, Octave sought to find the best. Today, Octave sells a number of top brands such as Taulman's Nylon filament, the innovative Polymakr series, as well as its own Octave ABS and Octave PLA filaments. These are highly regarded in the personal 3D printing industry, where Octave has established its name along within a large and loyal customer base. Octave's filament is used by professionals, educational institutions, as well as hobby and home users.

Another aspect of Octave's online products is the supply of tools and accessories. The Octave online store offers a couple of Octave brand toolkits along with various accessories (such as Borosilicate glass and Kapton tape) that are very popular with most customers because they help to achieve more consistent printing results.

Who . . .
Octave Systems, Inc. is a staff of industry professionals here to help you choose a 3D Printer or Filament, CD/DVD or Blu-Ray recording or duplicating product that best meets your needs. Our Sales and Customer Service Departments will provide answers to your pre- and post-purchase questions, facilitate prompt processing of your order and assist you in every way to make this your best online buying experience.

What . . .
Octave Systems sells the highest quality, top-rated 3D Printing equipment provided by Afinia, Flashforge, MakerBot and Tiertime plus our own branded 3D Printer Filaments, tools and accessories. In addition we still offer our legacy highest quality, top-rated CD/DVD/BD duplication equipment provided by manufacturers such as Copy Master, Epson, MF Digital, Primera, Vinpower Digital and All Pro Solutions. Whether you're looking for a multi-drive manual tower or autoloading duplicator, blank CD, DVD, and Blu-ray media, jewel cases, or CD/DVD printers, we have the products to meet every need. Our low competitive prices and outstanding personal service make Octave the place to visit for all your duplication equipment and accessories.

When . . .
The company's roots extend over three decades. Octave became an independent California Corporation in 1984.

Where . . .
Octave Systems Incorporated is located in Santa Clara, California USA. We are in the heart of Silicon Valley. We also have offices in Washington and Europe:

US Office

Mailing Address: Octave Systems Inc.
2398 Walsh Avenue,
Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA
"Will Call" Address: Octave Systems Inc.
2398 Walsh Avenue,
Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA
Tel: 1-800-626-8539 or 1-408-866-8424
Fax: 1-408-866-4252
E-Mail: Sales Dept.

Washington Office

Mailing Address: 22855 E. Country Vista Dr. #375.
Liberty Lake, WA 99019, USA
Tel: 1-800-626-8539 Ext. 1971 or1- 509-290-1774

UK Office

Mailing Address: Octave Systems Inc.
15 Greenwich Centre Business Park
London, SE10 9QF, United Kingdom
Tel: 087 0760 5737
Fax: 020 8293 0666