Reel Holder Installation for the Octave 3D Printer Enclosure

by Roy Worthington

The Octave 3D Printer Enclosure does not come with spool holders, but it is designed so that the standard spool holder that comes with the Afinia/UP! printers will fit with little effort. You can also print spool holders to accommodate the Octave lines of filament.

Octave 3D printer enclosure spindles mounting instructions

The enclosure comes with an adapter plate (1) that is made for the Afinia reel holder (2). Remove the lower screw (3) on the adapter plate to install the Afinia/UP! reel holder.

The Afinia/UP! reel holder can only accept the Afinia/UP! reels. Therefore, In order to accommodate the Octave  filament brands, download and print the appropriate Octave reel holders (4) from the Octave web site : (

The octave reel holders fit directly onto the enclosure without the need for an adapter.  There is a slot (5) on the side of the enclosure, into which the Octave holders mount with little effort.

This article was published on Monday 01 September, 2014.