Purple Glue for a Perfect Bonding Surface

by Roy Worthington

Elmers Purple Glue StickSimple purple glue as used in schools (Staples Glue Stick - the purple colored stuff, or Elmers purple glue stick) makes an excellent surface on borosilicate glass to hold down models. The glue stick is a non toxic, acid free substance that seems to bond with most of the plastic filaments that are sold on Octave Systems, and in most cases will yield better results than just using a dry bed, i.e. glass, kapton, or painter's tape alone.

You will have to experiment a bit with how you apply it and very importantly, how much. Too much glue can cause clumping and won't make for good first layer adhesion. It is also easiest to put the glue on when the bed is cool, otherwise if the bed is warm, it will melt the glue and can lead to too much glue being spread on. When applied properly, you should see a light layer of glue on the glass surface.

The glue sticks are inexpensive and the glue is water soluble making for easy removal and cleaning. When a model has finished printing, simply remove the borosilicate glass with model attached and place in front of a fan. In just a couple of minutes the model will “pop” off the plate.

This article was published on Monday 01 September, 2014.