Zortrax Filament

Z-ULTRAT — dedicated plastic filament for 3D printing with the Zortrax M200 3D Printer. Material with high hardness level, low elasticity, and low level of deformation. Excellent for printing architectural models, utility models, and working parts in machine prototypes. Perfectly imitates the properties of materials used in mass production.

Z-ABS — plastic filament dedicated for Zortrax M200 3D Printer. The result is a matte, uniform and opaque surface with pure color. Choose from 3 colors - black, grey & natural white.

Z-HIPS — A thermoplastic polymer with high impact resistance that allows the use of prototype enclosures for various types of equipment, starting with housings consumer electronics and ending with the covers for industrial machines where UV resistance is not required.

Z-GLASS — A a thermoplastic copolyester mixed with glass fiber. Dedicated to printing translucent elements and possesses properties such as high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, and high abrasion resistance.

Z-PetG — Material highly resistant to salts, acids and alkalis, excellent for creating mechanical parts exposed to chemicals. Z-PETG is physically durable, great for prototyping diverse and demanding elements.

Reel Dimensions
Reel Diameter 20.50 cm (8.07”) Reel Width 6.85 cm (2.70”)
Hub diameter 5.73 cm (2.26”) Hub width 6.10 cm (2.40”)