Octave ABS Filament

High-quality ABS 3D printer plastic for use with Afinia, RepRap, FlashForge, MakerBot, Tiertime UP, MakerGear, Solidoodle, Robo3D, and other 3D printers. The 1.75mm ABS filament from Octave is available in 16 different colors: White, Black, Natural, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Purple, Blue, Brown, Grey, Gold, Transparent, Galaxy Blue, and Silver.

Purchase the Octave ABS 4-Spool and 8-Spool Bundles for price discounts and Free UPS Ground shipping.

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Octave ABS Filament 8-Spool and 4-Spool Bundles come with free ground shipping.
Download and print the Octave Adapter and Filament Reel Holder Spindles if your printer's reel holder does not match our filament reels' hub diameter.

Reel Dimensions (click to open)

Reel Diameter20.3 cm (7.99”)Reel Width7.2 cm (2.83”)
Hub diameter5.2 cm (2.05”)Hub width6.3 cm (2.48”)