EinScan-Pro 3D Scanner PLUS Tripod/Turntable AND Camera

EinScan-Pro is a new multi-functional handheld 3D scanner from Afinia. The Tripod and Turntable enhance the versatility of this product and give you an amazing scanning experience. The Camera Color Pack is offered to enable full-color 3D scanning.
BRAND: Afinia
SKU: AF-EFP-26828
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Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner
The EinScan-Pro is the newest 3D scanner available from Afinia 3D.

This multi-functional 3D scanner can be used in handheld modes, or with a tripod and turntable for automatic scanning. Using safe, white light LED scanning, the EinScan-Pro rapidly captures and delivers watertight 3D data of real objects for 3D printing, or non-watertight data for reverse engineering applications. With its ergonomic design, and weighing only 1.75 lbs (0.8 kg), the multi-functional 3D scanner is portable and fit for any duration of handheld scan. An optional external camera is also offered to enable full-color 3D scanning.

The EinScan-Pro Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner rapidly captures and delivers watertight 3D data of real objects for 3D printing, or non-watertight data for reverse engineering applications. The scanner's lightweight, ergonomic design makes it portable and easy to use for all lengths of scans. With four versatile scan options, the EinScan-Pro is equipped for portable and high-accuracy scans, perfect for educators, designers, and home hobbyists who want to explore the capabilities of 3D design and printing.

Four Scan Options
Choose the scan mode that best suites your needs. The EinScan-Pro offers Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Free Scan, or Automatic Scan.

  • Handheld Rapid Scan for portable, rapid scanning
  • Handheld HD Scan for capturing objects with high accuracy (50 microns)
  • Automatic Scan for completing a 360-degree scan in just 1.5 minutes (Optional Industrial Pack - Tripod/Turntable required)
  • Free Scan for scanning larger objects

Multi-use Use
for high-quality reverse engineering, scanning industrial parts, sculptures, human bodies, and more.

High Accuracy
Triangulation and structured light projection ensure high accuracy.

Scan Small to Large
With handheld, automatic and free scan modes, and optional full-color scanning, possibilities are practically endless.

High Speed
In handheld mode, scan speed is 10 frames/second, while automatic scan and free scan modes are less than 2 seconds.

High Compatibility
Data output can be used for 3D printing or reverse engineering. STL, OBJ, ASC format options.

Multiple Scan Modes Options
for full color scanning and tripod/automatic turntable scanning.

Professional 3D scanner with high data quality and entry-level price



Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Auto Scan Free Scan
Accuracy 0.1mm 0.3mm Single Scan Accuracy: 0.05mm
Scan speed 15 frames/s 10 frames/s Single scan: <2s
Point distance 0.2mm-2mm 0.5mm-2mm 0.16mm
Single scan range 210*150mm
Light source White light LED
Part size range (recommended) 0.03m-4m 0.15m-5m 0.03m-0.15m 0.03m-4m
Align mode Mark point align Feature align Turntable align Compatible: mark point, feature, or turntable align
Texture Scan No Yes*
Outdoor operation No (affected by strong light)
Special scan object** Rich surface feature needed
Printable data output Yes
Data format OBJ, STL, ASC
Scan head weight 1.75 lbs (0.8kg)
System support Win7, Win8, Win10, 64bit
Display card NVIDIA GTX660 or higher, Display memory: >2G, Processor: I5 or higher, Memory storage: 16G or more

*Texture scan camera and software module can be purchased
**For transparent, reflective, and dark objects, please spray object with powder first before scanning.

Additional Info
Weight 21.0000
Country of Manufacture China
Custom Stock Status N/A

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