3D Printer Filament

3D Printer Filament

ABS, PLA & Nylon Filament for Personal 3D Printers

Top quality 1.75mm ABS, PLA and Nylon filament for Desktop 3D printers from Octave, Afinia/UP, Polymaker, Zortrax, and Taulman. Available in a large array of colors including fluorescent, glow in the dark, and rainbow.  For users requiring stronger materials, see the Taulman high-strength Nylon co-polymer and Polymaker 3D printer filaments.

ABS, PLA, and Nylon filaments for use with Afinia  H479 & H480, RepRap, FlashForge, MakerBot, UP, PrintrBot, MakerGear, Solidoodle, Ultimaker, Robo3D, and other 3D printers.

Call for Volume Prices!

Check out our 3D Printer FAQ. Also download and print our Filament Reel Spindle Holders, designed to suit the various reels used with the filament available on the Octave store for the Afinia H480, UP, and other 3D printers.