Polymaker Filament

Polymaker Filament, featuring Jam-Free™ Technology

jam-free-image Tired of your printers jamming? Polymaker's patented Jam-Free™ technology dramatically improves the heat stability of the PLA filaments so while printing the filament will never soften in the “cold end” and can melt rapidly once entering the heating zone. This leads to extremely smooth extrusion and no more nozzle jams! Jam-Free is applied to all of Polymaker's PLA-based products including PolyPlus, PolyMax, and PolyWood.

Reel Diameter 20 cm (7.87”)
Reel Width 5.3 cm (2.09”)
Hub diameter 5.3 cm (2.09”)
Hub width 5.25 cm (2.07”)
polymakr PLA
Printed with PolyPlus™ PLA
polymakr PLA
Printed with PolyPlus™ PLA
polymakr PLA
Printed with PolyFlex™ PLA
polymakr PLA
Printed with PolyMax™ PLA
polymakr PLA
Printed with PolyWood™ PLA<

All polymaker products are thoroughly tested for quality and safety. Polymaker filament is manufactured using the most advanced polymer processing techniques and equipment, and is tested on main-stream desktop 3D printers using a standardized testing method.

The polymaker range:
pdf file Polymaker Brochure

PolyPlus™ PLA - optimized for mainstream desktop 3D printers. Jam-Free™ PLA technology, no more extruder jams. PolyPlus is the only PLA filament that is fully compatible with the MakerBot Replicator 2X and is excellent for dual-extrusion printing. All ingredients are FDA approved and is manufactured to tight specifications for better than ever printing, offering even better stability than ABS. Available in 11 colors, 7 true and 4 translucent.
pdf file PolyPlus™ PLA Brochure

PolyMax™ PLA - superior PLA with greater toughness and strength. The PLA filament with added strength for menchanically demanding applications. Prints under identical conditions with the same high quality and stability as PolyPlus™ PLA. The ideal replacement for ABS, without the hazardous gas emissions and part warping.
pdf file PolyMax™ PLA Brochure

PolyWood™ - wood look-alike printing material with uncompromised printing quality. Contains no wood, yet mimics the appearance of wood thanks to its foamed structure and color. It is also the first 3D printable foam material. Prints under similar settings to regular PLA.
pdf file PolyWood™ Brochure

PolyFlex™ - flexible printing material that opens endless possibilities. No heated build plate required. The first printing material that is both flexible and elastic. Compatible with most, if not all, desktop 3D printers.
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